I. Core Values

Responsibility, Competition,

Innovation, Precision,

Keeping Pace with Times



1. We treat our customers with passion ad sincerity!

2. We trust our staff and respect their value!

3. We pursue excellent innovation and outstanding contribution!

4. We emphasize individual learning and form a “Learning Organization”!

5. We concern efficiency, performance, speed and flexibility!

6. We do not create perfect individual, but create perfect team!


III. Business Concept

Concentrated, Unique, First!


IV.Innovative Concept

Strategic innovation is the base.

Management innovation is the footstep.

Technological innovation is the core.

Market innovation is the objective.


V. Service Concept

Customer Satisfaction!

Customer Delighting!

Customer Praise!


VI. Mission

Quality, Efficiency, Science!

Value, Culture, Business!



We not only market hall chairs,

But also light your dream,

Create a magnificent space,

And bring your prosperity!


VIII. Management Concept

1. Management is action rather than  theory!

2. Management is not to make things complicated, but to simplify them!

3. Management does not mean to control and constrain others, but to help them to successfully complete tasks, and bring them more space and freedom!

4. Good order without management is the highest level of management!

5. Management is a skill, an art and a kind of cultivation!

6. Management is organization!

7. Management is the reasonable, orderly and efficient arrangement!


IX. Management System

1. Strategy is the guide.

2. Quality is the soul.

3. Human resources are the guarantee.

4. The culture of “Learning Organization” is the foundation for development.

5. Staff’s development and promotion is the key to survive.

6. General Manager’s pursuit and thinking is the platform of management.


X. Talent Concept

Ability Supreme, Morality Foremost


XI. Product Quality

Improve Moral Quality, Produce Competitive Products.


XII.Code of Conduct

Sincere Cooperation, Self-discipline, Harmony, Unified Management


XIII.Work Style

Patriotism, Loyalty, Dedication;

Pragmatism, Innovation, Vigor


XIV.Management Positioning

From concept orientation to concept management;

From system improvement to behavior management;

From staff training to quality management;

From cultural construction to system management;

From HR reorganization to optimal management;

From overall improvement to strategic management


XV. Spirit

Loyal, Devoted, Diligent, Pragmatic

Efficient, Dedicated, Transcendent, Grateful

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