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  • Name: Cinema chairs HJ813

theater chair – HJ813
    Part 1: out surface picture
     Part 2: instruction
    Part 3: function & size
    Part 4: specifcation & describtion
    Part 5: construction
Part 1:outsurface picture

The height distence from low back to high back in sequence is 80mm 

Part 2: instruction
HJ - 813 series for new style, there is 3 sorts. Respectively  HJ 813D -- HJ813 & HJ 813G , and in damper spring back , slow rebound backpack can swing, swing Angle between 10 degrees more or less .The ABS armrest with the beverage holder in  high quality  The back foam  and the seat foam finalize the design of polyurethane (PU) sponge,   can not variant. The whole chair, sat feels comfortable with fixed installation. Armrest surface wide.

function & size


Part 4:specifcation & description


1.back & seat shell: adopt high quality PP composite mold more elements pressure molding.
2.armrest, bottom cover: adopt high-quality  ABS material which molded by pressing molding.  with cup holder.
3.lateral plate: using high quality cold forming splinting  and miscellaneous wood with straight nail fixed . the thickness is 10mm.

4. Armrest frame: adopt high quality 80 * 40 * 2mm  tubes.
5. Seat & back foam: use high-density cold foam finalize the design of polyurethane (PU) sponge. Seat comfort.
6.for using linen fabric, knitted fabrics, flocking, flannelette with various advanced leather.


Part 5:construction

1.armrest, edge for fixed armrest, armrest, central armrest lookbehind      can flip. foam: flip noiselessly, slow rebound regulator can adjust the speed of slide seat foam. Work with the bag seats Angle for11 degrees

3.Structure: qualifying can do straight lines and curves.

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