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  • Name: Auditorium chair HJ9126B

Model No:HJ9126B
Description:Top grade Auditorium Chairs
Dimension:W580* D1030* H1000mm
Height of seat:450mm
Height of armrest:600mm
Height of tablet:700mm



1.Seat and back: made of high density cold foaming molded sponge covered with good quality fabric and pressed with high quality plywood. The thickness of the plywood is 15mm.
2. Armrest: armrest top is made of imported oak with 30mm thickness. The side board is made of hot-rolled steel and upholstered with MDF, cutting foam and fabric. Inside there is a writing tablet.
3.Writing tablet: the board adopts high-density shaving board and outer cold pressure fireproof board. The support frame is made of aluminum alloy. The four sides are sealed by PU. The thickness is 18mm.
4. Foot stand: using high quality tube and hot-rolled steel with powder coating.
5.Return function: spring with damper, return slowly and without any noise.


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