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  • Name: Auditorium chair HJ84

Model No:HJ-84
Description: Top grade auditorium Chairs
Dimension:W555* D710* H1015mm
Height of seat: 430mm
Height of armrest:660mm





Usage range: Suitable for all kind of auditorium, hall, theater for meeting or lecture or cinema purpose. Welcome all the distributor projector or  contractor  to cooperate with us.
Materials and features:
1.The back and seat shell:  made of  hardwood composite board with high quality and density in the manner of cold pressure of mold;having the advantages of elegant appearance,fastness and deformation resistance.
2.Foot rest: shaped by using high quality aluminum alloy material in the manner of pressure casting.
3.sponge: it adopts the high-density cold foaming PU shaping sponge.
4.armrest: it is made of oak.
5.Seat structure: adopting the return structure of springs plus the damper (slow return structure), having no return noise.
6.Tablet: shaped by ABS material in the manner of injection molding in the mold, having elegant appearance.
7.Fastening screw: using antitrust electrostatic sprayed allen key setscrew which is hard to rust.
8.Seat appearance: the design is ergonomic and has high comfort level.
9.Application:  Auditorium room, home theater, lecture hall, hall room and etc.


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